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We open "Portița" with more than 1000 products from Romania. We wish to offer the typical Romanian taste to Romanians and everyone else alike.


We would like to welcome you with fresh, tasty and authentic products from Romania: various meat, milk and cheese, pasta, drinks, sweets and many other goodies.

To try and taste all this,  visit our store:


Bezirksstrasse 21, 85716,


Bavaria, Germany

Phone no: (+49) 151 753 96317



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 The largest Romanian supermarket in Bavaria. Check the map to see how close we are!


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Portita - Magazin de produse romanesti

Bezirksstrasse 21, 85716, Unterschleissheim

portita.ro@gmail.com | +49 15146967701

Portita - Magazin de produse romanesti

Berzirksstrasse 21, 85716, Unterschleissheim

portita.ro@gmail.com | +49 15146967701